We understand that South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs wants to deport about 178 000 Zimbabwe Exemption Permit holder workers after its VFS system has raised over R500 billion from application fees from the same ZEP workers.

Interestingly, our investigations show that the VFS system used by the South African Home Affairs is owned by US private equity firm Blackstone which birthed the biggest fund manager in the world called Blackrock.

Blackrock in turn controls all South African apartheid era companies registered on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, it controls the apartheid era financial institutions that control the SARB (South African Reserve Bank) that is resisting the establishment of black banks in South Africa, and it also controls all leading global banks that are jointly implementing illegal US sanctions [on Zimbabwe] that displace Zimbabweans into being refugees in South Africa.

The South African government’s official position which is aligned to SADC’S position, is that US sanctions on Zimbabwe are illegal and must go. It also says that Zimbabwean refugees are becoming a problem on South Africa so South Africa wants to assist Zimbabwe resolve it’s problems that are displacing Zimbabweans.

On the other hand, the ANC wants the SARB to be privatized because it is sabotaging the development of black South Africa, but at the same time, South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs is in bed with the same financial institutions that control the SARB and funders of apartheid who are today implementing the illegal sanctions that displace Zimbabweans.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Banking Association of South Africa is the one standing in court, defending the right of South African domicile banks to implement illegal sanctions on innocent Zimbabweans who have never been tried or convicted of any crimes, in contravention of human rights law and the South African constitution.

Our question is what do the ANC and the South African government stand for if they are going to actively sabotage the SADC countries that liberated them.

By ZASM Chairman Rutendo Matinyarare.

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