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Our purpose is to challenge the unlawful sanctions on Zimbabwe and their negative effects on ordinary Zimbabweans.

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Our mission is to remove illegal sanctions upon the Zimbabwean people to ensure a prosperous future for our children.
Rutendo Matinyarare

A Brief Introduction

Who we are

The Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement (“ZASM”), is a civil organization, established to fight against western imperialism through the advancement of African unity and development.

As a Zimbabwean organization, we realize that before we can start building an Africa we want, and African unity, we must remove the negative effects of centuries of imperialism on the continent. This means we have to fight back against economic warfare (sanctions), negative sentiment, false propaganda, ignorance, and economic sabotage, which seeks to force regime change in Zimbabwe.

What we are About


Our Purpose

The purpose of ZASM is to challenge the unlawful sanctions on Zimbabwe, and their negative effects upon ordinary Zimbabweans by legalizing the fight against sanctions.

The Vision

To depoliticize the fight against US, EU and UK sanctions on Zimbabwe so as to make the fight against sanctions a legal fight to enforce international law and Zimbabwean and African human rights.

Our Mission

To get rulings against US, EU and UK sanctions against Zimbabwe in continental and international courts as a means to lay the foundation to pursue reparation and establish precedence against the use of illegal sanctions (crimes against humanity) upon Africans in future.
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Case Studies

Why Zimbabweans are suing South African domicile banks for sanctions and why it matters.

Background. ZASM is a civil society organization consisting of Zimbabwean citizens who have been externally displaced and are suffering under…

Treasury’s Warfare
Treasury’s Warfare

The unleashing of a new era of financial warfare.

UN Special Rapporteur On The Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Economic Sanctions
UN Special Rapporteur On The Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Economic Sanctions

As a nation, we have suffered much under the collective punishment of US, EU, UK and their allies

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