We read an article in #Bulawayo24News that said that some sources in the Grain Millers association were saying that they don’t believe our claims that there are toxins in Zimbabwe’s food.

1. To avoid doubt, below is a positive test for #glyphosate in Profeeds Pork Feed.

Glyphosate is a HHP (highly hazardous pesticide) that has resulted in Monsanto, its manufacturer, paying over $11 billion damages in the U.S. for causing cancer in those spraying it. As the results illustrate, in Zimbabwe humans and animals are eating this HHP in the food of leading producers.

2. On the GMO schedule are also a vast number of GMOs not authorized in South Africa where the Zim government has authorized millers and feed producers to buy β€œGMO maize only”.

We are also finding other GMO crops other than the authorized maize in the feed as well.

3. We have already pointed out that some of the GMO traits like the Transgenic Terminator are said to have never been licensed commercially because of their clear destructive capacity, but we are finding them in Innscor’s food.

4. Our fight is not with Zim millers but we are defending ourselves from a holding company of a miller that is trying to block our right to speak the truth about the toxins and unauthorized organisms in food that it feeds us. This is a contravention of our constitutional rights and fundamental rights.

5. We have also tested and continue to test mealie meal, cooking oil and various other food products from other producers in Zimbabwe, and will use these results to pressure those producing our food to produce healthy foods that do not threaten our health and national security.

6. We will also alert of government and security services of the risks of importing potentially weaponized food into a country that is already under illegal western sanctions.

7. So we know what is in the mealie meal, cooking oil and animal feeds, our millers and refiners are selling. But what we will not do is mix issues and pick fights with everyone while we are currently fighting for our right to freedom of expression and press freedom.

When the time comes we will use our results to take appropriate action against those millers and refiners who have tainted food.

8. Finally, just because a country has food shortages does not justify it importing GMOs and glyphosate laced foods for its people.

It would help for the Grain Millers Association and the government of Zimbabwe to know that South Africa itself does not import GMO because the GMO Act of the country, prohibits the importation of GMOs that are not tested and authorized in their country. This is why they only import from Ukraine, Zambia and other nonGMO producing nations. What stops the Grain Millers Association from buying nonGMO maize from South Africa, Zambia or other nonGMO producing countries?

10. Furthermore, South Africa also exports some GMOs which are not authorized for sale to South Africa but they are authorized for export to countries like Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Mozambique.

Why would some GMOs be good enough to export but not be good enough for local consumption?

As I have said before, it so happens that the nations eating the most GMO maize, also happen to have the highest rates of HIV and no one is doing research to determine why?

Finally, the agenda to promote the use of GMOs in South Africa was started by the apartheid government in 1979 with the creation of SAGENE. What is concerning is this institution was created soon after the creation of the National Defense Council which implemented the Total War Strategy on black South Africa and SADC.

The Total War strategy was adopted by the apartheid government from the French Military War strategist Andre Beaufre. It would assist both the South African and Zimbabwean governments to study how food was to be used as a weapon by both Beaufre and the apartheid government.

By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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