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ZASM is a civil society organization that is fighting against western sanctions on Zimbabwe. We have launched legal proceedings against the most powerful government on earth and some of the biggest banks in the world in several jurisdictions. Financial contributions to this worthy cause will be greatly appreciated.

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The Cost Centres


As an institution, we have a lot of administration to keep the institution running. Our administration is undertaken by a team that includes a secretary, an administrator, coordinators, directors, legal and accounting experts to facilitate the function of the organization.


The center of our fight against sanctions is the litigation against this illegal crime against humanity. Our legal team constitutes a high skilled body of investigators, lawyers, notaries, paralegals, on retainer. This constitutes our biggest cost center and the engine of our fight against these sanctions.

Research and Intelligence

For us to undertake this fight, research is a very important activity for sentiment management, and the deployment of the skills, competencies and technology required for the work that will be done globally.

Relationship building

As an institution, the success of our activities are dependent on the quality of our relationships with like-minded civil society organizations, humanitarian groups, and NGOs all across the world.

This is why we need to spend a lot of time building relationships with multilateral institutions such as the UN, AU, WEF, SADC, and other institutions, for us to put the Zimbabwean story and the crime against humanity the nation is facing, at the top of the international agenda.


ZASM shall engage in lobbying across the world, to advocate the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe.  We shall also engage with influencers and social activists from across the globe who can assist us in campaigning against sanctions in their countries.


As a civil society organization undertaking a fight for an entire nation, we need to always communicate with the national and international community.

The communication function is critical for: creating awareness of what sanctions are; educating our countrymen on how sanctions affect them; how and why we are fighting them; getting support from partners and stakeholders; turning the negative sentiment upon Zimbabwe into a positive story of a nation’s struggle to establish itself in a hegemonic world.

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