Our mission is to provide executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for Zimbabwe.
Rutendo Matinyarare


Who we are

The Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement (“ZASM”), is a civil organization, established to fight against western imperialism through the advancement of African unity and development.

As a Zimbabwean organization, we realize that before we can start building an Africa we want, and African unity, we must remove the negative effects of centuries of imperialism on the continent. This means we have to fight back against economic warfare (sanctions), negative sentiment, false propaganda, ignorance, and economic sabotage, which seeks to force regime change in Zimbabwe.

How we started


ZASM was registered as a nonprofit organization in South Africa in 2021, and plans to expand throughout the continent.

The organization is an amalgamation of organizations and individuals from different anti-sanctions institutions like Coalition Against Sanctions, ZUAUWS (Zimbabweans United Against US War Sanctions), prominent lawyers, and business people who have been in the forefront of the anti-sanctions fight over the past few years.

The directors of the institution have a combined experience of over 10 years fighting sanctions, serving Zimbabwe and championing brand Zimbabwe.

Why we are here


The purpose of ZASM is to challenge the unlawful sanctions on Zimbabwe, and their negative effects on ordinary Zimbabweans.

Over the years, members of ZASM have spent a lot of time studying how sentiment, commerce, institutions, technology, products and legal instruments are used by western nations to manifest imperialism and neo-colonialism on the continent.

We have found that sanctions are used to coerce resource rich nations, like Zimbabwe, to give control of their democratic processes, economies, key institutions, sovereignty, and resources back to former colonial powers.

History has shown that when sanctions fail to return imperialism, the sanctions senders leverage on the economic harm caused by sanctions to instigate civil unrest, and pave way for militarily intervention in resource rich nations, as we saw in Iraq, and Libya.

In the case of Zimbabwe, we have observed how sanctions senders seek to delegitimize the Zimbabwean government; weaken the Zimbabwean army, and its ability to defend itself from any military intervention, weaken the economy to cause civil unrest, intimidate investors with targeted sanctions on major corporates, businessmen and women; and isolate Zimbabwe from international financial institutions.

ZASM was formed by a diverse group of professionals with legal, marketing, branding, social services, specifically to counter, and reverse the false negative sentiment on Zimbabwe, build legitimacy of our institutions, unite Zimbabweans, mend the rifts that could lead to foreign intervention, and lawfully challenge the crime against humanity, which is what sanctions are.

What we stand for

Core Values


To unite and advance Africa by lifting Africans’ self-belief, confidence and humanity by confronting all forms of hegemony and negative stereotypes in our respective nations.


To fight imperialism in Zimbabwe by building our citizens self-belief, unity, self-sufficiency and collaboration through collective saving, investment, innovation, the promotion of brand Zimbabwe and production, to build a country that all Zimbabweans will be proud to serve, associate, defend, and protect.
An Opportunity to Do Something


National Brand Management
  • Creating a trustworthy, pride inducing national brand that Zimbabweans will desire to be associated with.
  • Restoring the Great MaDzimbabwe, Mutapa and Chamgamire legacy.
  • Managing the reputation of brand Zimbabwe.
  • Building legitimacy of our institutions.
Building National Interest and Capacity
  • Building national interest, unity patriotism and national pride in fellow citizens.
  • Promoting loyalty among Zimbabweans and respect across the continent and globe by telling the good Zimbabwean
  • Raising, nurturing and guiding national brand advocates, and ambassadors.
  • Promoting home-biased investment, production and import substitution, while reducing fruitless consumption.
Fighting Sanctions
  • Exposing the challenges sanctions place on Zimbabwe and its government.
  • Educating Zimbabweans, SADC, Africa and the world on the crime against humanity sanctions on Zimbabwe are.
  • Galvanizing Zimbabweans, citizens of SADC, Africa and the world to join us in solidarity to fight this human rights violation.
  • Building partnerships with humanitarian organizations, civil society, global leaders, politicians, public figures, celebrities, friends, and the media.
  • Driving publicity on Zimbabwean sanctions at international forums.
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The Team

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