Intended outcome is

  1. reasserting the fundament rights of Zimbabweans to speak, express themselves and contribute to issues about what affects them in SA and in Zimbabwe.
  2. It’s a reassertion of our dignity and humanity which keeps getting eroded every time Zimbabweans cower to South African bully tactics and discrimination.
  3. It’s to challenge the intolerance, hate speech and discrimination against Zimbabweans that seems to be condoned by the government of South Africa in contravention of their local laws and human rights treaties South Africa signed.
  4. Our government has been silent every time Zimbabweans are victimized by South Africans in xenophobia, we as civil society are now taking a stance to say, we as the human beings who are being abused, cannot be treated like that and we are sending the message that when faced with tyranny we are forced to resist it as we did with apartheid.

There are things our government can’t say, so we as civil society say them to remind South Africa of the fundament rights our parents fought for when removing apartheid.

  1. South Africa and Zimbabwe are meant to have a reciprocal relationship and that relationship is currently one sided and non-reciprocal, hence we are now saying what government can’t say. If South Africa is not going to reciprocate by supporting Zimbabwe under sanctions as Zimbabwe and SADC supported SA during the fight against apartheid, then we are going to lobby for Africa to demand reparations from South Africa because Africa’s underdevelopment is largely because of fighting imperialism and apartheid.
  2. South Africa’s targeting of Zimbabwe’s biggest sanctions buster (our immigration labour) is SA serving MDC and sanctions senders by sanctioning Zimbabwe through targeting is sanction buster. As an anti-sanctions civil society, we have no option but to address that.

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