Today, I used scientific methods to assess how the economy of Zimbabwe has performed in the last five years since ED came into power, as well as to measure the impact of the #GoldMafia on the economy. What I discovered is interesting.

Looking at the blue band on the graph that indicates when ED came into power, I found the following:

  1. Despite COVID, GDP has increased by 55%.
  2. Gold deliveries to Fidelity have increased by 48%.
  3. Wheat production has increased by 257%.
  4. Cotton production has increased by 59%.
  5. Infrastructure spending has gone up by 362%.

Gold production and deliveries have also increased since Henrietta joined the ZMF in 2018, indicating that miners are smuggling less and producing more.

If there is a #GoldMafia, the numbers suggest that it has actually driven up gold production and deliveries to Fidelity, leading to a GDP increase of over 50%. This has helped Zimbabwe withstand the challenges posed by COVID, enabled the construction of dams, roads, power stations, hospitals, and schools, and has spurred growth in agriculture.

Moreover, Zimbabwe now has gold coins and you can withdraw US dollars from ATMs. In fact, when viewed through scientific measures, it becomes clear that the claim that there is a Gold Mafia looting Zimbabwe is unfounded. Instead, the numbers suggest that it is actually contributing to the growth and prosperity of the country under sanctions, which has caused annoyance among some.

My advice to the youth is: learn about the mining industry and become part of the $13 billion mining mafia if you want to prosper in Zimbabwe. Let’s stop wasting time gossiping while others get rich.

Written By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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