In my assessment of the current situation in Zimbabwe:

1. Life has become more challenging for most Zimbabweans since the Gold Mafia documentary scared away investors and gold buyers.

2. The exchange rate for the US dollar has skyrocketed from US$1 – Zim$1000 to US$1- Zim$7000 [similar to the 2000-2008 style], which has eroded the Zim dollar earnings and savings of most people. Consequently, they are struggling to buy the basics they could afford this time last year, due to the lower supply of US dollars that used to be generated by gold sales.

3. The rich are aloof and oblivious to the suffering of the poor which includes police, army, prison officers and civil servants whom I spoke with.

4. Most elites are doing nothing to combat the sanctions and the sentiment war similar to that of the Gold Mafia that crashed the currency.

In fact, most elites are actively sabotaging the economy by engaging in price gouging and profiteering to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.

5. Many of the rich and senior civil servants are actively protecting and preserving the sanctions and encouraging negative sentiment because they are benefiting from it by discouraging investment and competition.

However, I want to remind those people that what they are doing (not being proactive against sanctions, nursing sanctions, discouraging investment, sabotaging the economy and exploiting the poor) is precisely what the elites did in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan before police officers, soldiers, civil servants, war veterans and the masses became so destitute that they rose up on Animal Farm, to overthrow the greedy pigs who were living at their expense.

They got caught up in making money and forgot that sanctions are designed to push the masses to revolt and overthrow the ruling elite. Now our Zimbabwean elite are repeating the same mistake.

In the spiritual realm, masvikiro has been warning that they have been holding back a great spilling of blood, but they will not be able to hold it back for much longer if our elites do not change their ways, focus on fighting the enemy and begin sharing the national #GoldRush wealth with the poor in this war.

So, to the elites, let us join hands while there is still time to put an end to this economic pain and suffering, which is being largely engineered by the cartels, millionaires, billionaires, and senior civil servants who are sabotaging the economy, defending sanctions for their benefit and eating the inheritance of the nation alone.

To the Ministry of Finance, please prioritize fighting these sanctions by selling our resources in Zimbabwean dollars, and let those who want our resources use their foreign currency to buy our currency at the Reserve Bank to increase foreign currency reserves and demand for the local currency. This creates a resource-backed currency and reduces the local currency supply.

The Russians already illustrated the power of selling resources in local currency, which made the Ruble the world’s best-performing currency in 2022.

After selling our resources in local currency, let us safeguard and protect the foreign reserves, resources and gold from the greedy self-centered people who believe in privatizing national reserves.

People will not suffer forever for just a few to enrich yourselves, their kids and small houses. But they are willing to suffer and die for the nation, if they feel that we are all suffering for the same cause. This is a historical fact.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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