Financial Action Taskforce Trying To Greylist South Africa Is Neo-Colonialism.

Africa is growing and as it grows and begins to build wealth, this becomes a threat to western surivival which is built upon the exploitation of African labor and resources, to keep western industry and employment viable.

So, to ensure western surivival, western countries fight to ensure that Africa continues to be incapacitated by stopping it from acquiring technology, machinery and software to process its own resources because then this will deprive the west of African resources, to keep its industry functional so as to maintain western high standards of living that emanates from exploiting Africa and the third world.

To keep this control and hegemony over Africa, western nations use debt, the under development of colonialism, destabilization, wars, financial systems, sanctions and recently they have increase their use of international financial regulations, to keep Africa down.

Of late, the west has began to force the world to adhere to international financial rules that they are forging to make it more difficult for countries to move money across the world. This has seen the G7 nations creating financial rules through the Financial Action Taskforce to ensure that the west controls how their competitors -the third world, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa move money around the world.

The rules are disguised as a means to stop organized crime, money laundering, illicit financial flows and the funding of terrorism, but in actual fact these rules are designed as a means for the west to control access to finance for competitors and developing countries, to moderate their development.

These international financial rules are designed to be a form of sanctions that compliment direct unilateral coercive measures or sanctions that western countries use to control the world since the Discovery Doctrine.

In many ways, FATF, as was articulated by Juan Zarate, a former US Treasury Director for counter terrorism, in his book Treasury’s War, they empowered FATF in 2001 to assist the US government to force other nations to implement unilateral U.S. sanctions by linking them with anti-money laundering rules.

By so doing, anyone who doesn’t implement US sanctions is loosely linked with contaminating the global financial system and thus under the risk of being excluded from the western controlled financial system.

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