We are grateful to hear that the Presidents of Botswana, South Africa and Kenya are calling for the west to remove sanctions on Zimbabwe at the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly).

However, it’s disappointing to see African leaders continue to plead with the west to remove sanctions out of the goodness of their hearts for the past 20yrs, instead of using UNGA as a platform to challenge western crimes against humanity by:

  1. calling for collective legal action [by civilized nations] against these imperialist western nations in the ICJ (World Court) for crimes against humanity and genocide [in cases of deaths] upon Zimbabwean and SADC citizens who they are collectively punishing by:
    • illegal sanctions that are not legally backed by the UN;
    • depriving innocent civilians of their basic and fundamental rights to life, water, food, jobs, healthcare, development, legal, cultural and economic rights;]
    • punishing investors, business people, captains of industry, bankers, individuals and politicians by sanctions without trial;
    • and not doing HRIA (Human Rights Impact Assessments) of the impact of their sanctions on civilians, in order for them to mitigate the effects of their sanctions on civilian human rights as mandated for all UN sanctions.
  2. As a continent we have got to start creating legal theory and custom for challenging 700 years of human rights abuses by Europeans upon Africans, to stop racial abuse, so as to pave way for the long standing issue of African restitution and reparations for slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism; the ongoing military occupations of Africa by Africomm, France and NATO and the endless western sponsored wars for resources on the continent.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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