Food colonialism is the biggest threat that Africa faces by accepting GMO seeds on the continent because it fosters Africans to be dependent on GMO seeds that have the capacity to cross-pollinate and turn their organic OPV seed stock into GMOs that have an inherent genetic use restriction technology or the NOS Terminator gene which causes seeds to become sterile.

Just recently, we saw Kenyan youth protesting against high taxes meant to pay the IMF because they did not want to be under debt colonialism. What they didn’t realize is that just last year, the Kenyan government approved GMO seeds in Kenya, posing a bigger threat to Kenyans and Africans as a whole because they put Africans into food slavery.

Kenya currently has the fourth highest death rate from cancer in Africa, which is related to these GMOs and the cancer-causing chemicals, according to a 2014 Journal of Organic Systems research on “Genetically Engineered Crops, Glyphosate, and The Deterioration of Health in The United States.”

This indicates that GMOs are not just a biological and economic weapon but also a chemical weapon being used to institute imperialism upon Africans.

The Reunion Republic has the highest cancer rate in the world, but their death rate is lower than that of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, and Kenya which have the highest cancer death rates in the world.

A people can survive debt slavery, but unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to survive food slavery where a nation has lost the fertility of its soils and reproductive OPV seeds.

Food and water are essential human needs, and once people have lost their ability to grow food and their water has been polluted by toxic agricultural chemicals used with these GMO seeds, then those people no longer have something to sustain them.

This is why the most valuable resources available to human beings are seeds, water, and the soil we grow them in.

So, if the western companies that own the GMO companies deny that nation seeds and its own seeds have been destroyed by GMO cross-pollination, that nation goes into hunger because it won’t have any seeds that reproduce in order for it to grow its own food.

Just to show you the challenge we face, I, Rutendo Matinyarare, have been fighting a legal battle against Innscor Africa, a food monopoly in Zimbabwe that is illegally selling GMOs laced with glyphosate in Zimbabwe, which has the highest cancer death rate in the world.

The company also sells food in Zambia, Kenya, Mauritius, Uganda, Congo, and other countries, to make ten African nations. So, in November 2023, I made a video complaining about their illegal GMOs, and they took me to South African courts in an attempt to silence my whistleblowing. The reason they took me to South African courts was in the hope that their fellow white South Africans would silence me and allow them to continue with their food imperialism. Sadly for them, the courts have not stopped me from whistleblowing.

Here is the text with some minor corrections and improvements:

Nevertheless, what I failed to appreciate in this fight against Innscor, is the extent to which they are willing to go to continue their conspiracy to destroy black lives with cancer-causing food. So, instead of simply stopping their trade in cancer-causing chemical-laced GMOs when I began to expose their wrong-doing, they have decided to continue their chemical warfare upon our people while conspiring to destroy my legal efforts to defend myself against their attempts to gag me through South African courts.

As part of this agenda, they turned my former advocate, Simba Chitando, against me and got him to start sabotaging me and giving them evidence against me. I then fired Simba after realizing some of the questionable decisions he was making, which showed me that he might be compromised. I then changed legal representation and began to be represented by Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs (ENS), a South Africa Jewish law firm (the biggest law firm in Africa) that successfully beat Innscor’s contempt of court application that was aiming at getting me imprisoned on May 9, 2024.

However, to counter this victory, a small group of women called Save Our Girls, suddenly emerged (their online profile was created 23rd of March 2024, two days after Innscor failed to jail me on the first attempt) and threatened Edward Nathan with protests if they continued to support my legal case against Innscor, alleging that I disrespected women.

Clearly, this was an agenda to disrupt my defense against their attempts to gag me, as they know I will eventually win the right to whistleblow against their illegal activities in Zimbabwe.

Under this pressure, ENS then decided to cancel me and denied me legal services on July 9, 2024, based on these frivolous allegations. I tried to plead with them that these allegations were baseless and that even if I said what they claimed, it should be protected by the constitutionally protected freedom of speech, but they did not even give me the right to appeal.

So, essentially, ENS canceled me for allegedly saying something distasteful, but not illegal. However, they have no issues representing EOH and Eskom that were involved in corruption and state capture; people involved in the Marikana killings; or apartheid banks in South Africa that sabotage the Rand or those that discriminate against black people by charging them higher interest for loans and deny them loans.

It appears that ENS’s decision to cancel my services was motivated by a desire to maintain white solidarity with the company responsible for illegally selling GMOs laced with cancer-causing chemicals in Zimbabwe. This is consistent with ENS’s pattern of representing apartheid criminals and racist South African banks that have illegally imposed U.S. sanctions on innocent people in Zimbabwe as well, while citing ‘reputational risk’ as a justification for disregarding the human rights of those innocent people, on a continent where they [ENS] claim to be the leading Africa law firm.

It’s clear that ‘reputational risk’ is just an excuse, as apartheid criminals and racists, continue to receive legal services from companies like ENS and the banks they represent, without any fear of reputational risk. This exposes the truth: white institutions prioritize advancing imperialism and maintaining white supremacy above what their reputation looks like to black people, because blacks have no economic instruments to coerce ethical compliance.

They selectively discriminate, drop black clients and stand with even racist white clients, no matter how egregious their actions, to ensure white supremacy and imperialism prevail in Africa. It’s almost like they continue the charter colonial company mandate, that began with the Dutch East India company in 1509. By doing so, they uphold the very systems of power that perpetuate injustice and human rights violations in African.

In this instance, ENS had no problem disregarding the greater public interest of giving me defense to fight a company that is potentially threatening the lives of over 16 million Zimbabweans through illegal behavior, because the victims are Africans and inconsequential to ENS’ bottom line, even though they thrives as Africa’s biggest firm.

In other words, 16 million Zimbabwean lives just don’t matter enough to ENS. This goes to show that black lives don’t matter to white corporates, and in fact, they are probably being pushed to align with the agenda of getting Africans into food slavery.

The sad part is through this fight, I have discovered that I am not just fighting Innscor, but I am fighting the owners and funders of U.S. GMO biotech companies like Monsanto, which include State Street and Norges Bank (the Norgean Soveriegn Wealth Fund), who also have cross-shareholding in Blackrock, all of which have shareholding in the South African banks that are represented by ENS.

ENS or Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs itself has also represented GMO-producing companies like Pioneer in 2014, when Pioneer was in court against Monsanto, which was represented by Bowman and Gilflan in Monsanto South Africa (Pty) and other vs Bowman Gillfillan and others Pioneer itself is owned by the U.S. multinational biotech company, Dow Chemicals, which was one of the tools that Kissinger and McKinan said will be used to enable America to control the world population through food.

This is why my case – fighting for African health against a GMO supplier – presented a conflict of interest with the biotech and GMO-producing companies that ENS represents, leading them to terminate their services with me, on frivolous grounds. Consequently, Zimbabweans and Africans have become collateral damage due to imperialist capital interests to propagate GMOs and toxic food in Africa, more than saving African lives.

What is even more concerning for me is that the decision to cancel me for my free speech, by ENS, was not only reached by non-blacks but also by some black people who were part of this discriminatory decision that goes against broader public welfare and interest.

This is reminiscent of how our chiefs in the past sold their own people into slavery, not realizing that in the future, they would be weakened to the point of being enslaved on their own continent. Unbeknownst to the black lawyers at ENS who made this decision, they just didn’t collaborate with white supremacy, but they also colluded in the destruction of the food they need and the perpetuation of a chemical war against them and their own children. Happy karma to them.

The lesson learned from my being ‘canceled’ by ENS is that African lives don’t matter to white corporate interests, not only in Zimbabwe, as the Innscor case has shown, but worldwide. The reason why these black lives don’t matter is that the most lucrative clients of law firms are often unethical and psychopathic corporations that profit from exploiting and perpetuating crimes against humanity on Africans. And due to the veils of either ‘conflict of interest,’ or ‘’managing reputational risk’, Africans are discriminated [just like during apartheid] denied legal services (and other white dominated services like banking, insurance, animal seed, universities etc) from the best law firms, which represent these criminal enterprises.

The message is clear to us as Africans: we need to empower our own to racially overhaul our economic, educational, legal, media, and political systems, to ensure they serve African interests, because the other races we are trying to reconcile with are here to dominate and destroy us, not to coexist with us.

Written by Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.”

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