As part of the Zimbabwe anti-sanctions movement, prior to Innscor seeking a gag order against our Chairman, Rutendo Matinyarare, samples of Innscor products underwent laboratory testing in two facilities in South Africa and France.

These tests were aimed at detecting GMOs; cancer causing MSG, Glyphosate, pesticides, Bovine Growth Hormone, Aflatoxins and other contaminants.

After several months, 80% of the results have been received. These findings have been presented in court to substantiate the claims made by Rutendo Matinyarare regarding Innscor’s food quality as factual and not defamatory.

Nonetheless, the decision has been made not to release the results publicly, as an exclusive deal with a media outlet has been secured to produce a documentary on Zimbabwean and African food quality issues. The public will eventually get information on the results of the tests from this documentary when it eventually airs.

Additionally, a report is being compiled to inform relevant governments and regulators in countries where Innscor distributes its products, of the findings of our research.

Furthermore, shareholders and stakeholders of the company will receive the same report detailing the results and their implications for the environment and human health.

These scientifically-backed results supersede any previous court orders aimed at halting β€œdefamatory claims” against Innscor, as they are scientific facts that originate from globally certified laboratories.

We are committed to keeping all stakeholders informed about the food we consume, as bad food can be seen as a form of sanctions or warfare against a nation. In the words of Henry Kissinger, ‘Control the oil and you will control the nation: control the food and I control the people.’ #InnscorGMOtestResults”

Written by ZASM team.

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