What scientific research did Tafadzwa Musarara do to determine that consuming GMOs has no known side effects on our people? Is he now a scientist, or is he just parroting propaganda advanced by GMO producing companies and nations to proliferate their products to the third world where they want to foster dependency while opening markets for their $4 trillion pharmaceutical industry from those falling sick from the GMOs and chemicals?


1. The biggest GMO maize-consuming nations in Africa are South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Botswana, and most of the GMOs are maize and soya consumed mainly by black people.

It so happens that these four nations and their black populations have the highest HIV rates in the world. Zimbabwe’s black population is not far behind.

2. Most of these GMO-consuming nations also have the highest TB rates in the world and the highest cancer deaths in Africa, as illustrated by a World Health Organization chart I posted here last week.

Surely, when you take just the two case studies above, there is a clear positive correlation coefficient developing here that warrants African governments to carry out more studies.

3. Many transgenic crops (GMOs) are produced by Bayer Monsanto (the biggest GMO producer and biggest producer of Roundup #glyphosate weedkiller) to have Roundup resistance (Round Up Ready traits) so that they can withstand the use of Monsanto’s glyphosate on crops.

The glyphosate in turn is used to kill weeds without killing the Round Up ready GMO crop. Additionally, it’s also general practice by grain farmers, to spray glyphosate on their crops before harvest to dry the crops quickly and evenly on the field.

As a result, Roundup-ready GMOs often have huge amounts of glyphosate residue, as we saw in #Innscor #Profeeds feed and food.

Consequently, in America, Bayer Monsanto has been made to pay over $11 billion in settlements to people suffering from cancer caused by spraying glyphosate or Roundup to kill weeds.

This is legal precedence that it has been accepted by courts that glyphosate which is used hand in glove with GMOs, is a carcinogen.

So, if #Glyphosate can cause cancer to those spraying it, what does Tafadzwa think the glyphosate-laced GMOs do to those who ingest them?

4. The advent of GMOs has also been scientifically linked to increases in autism, cancer, immune function disorders and many other diseases.

5. In Zimbabwe, I was reliably informed by a senior government official that they have seen a commensurate increase and reduction in cancers when they license and delicense GMOs in Zimbabwe.

The above is based on science, not Tafadzwa parroting the propaganda of the U.S. government and U.S. biotech companies that benefit from fostering dependency on their GMOs and creating a market for their pharmaceutical partner combines that come in once a nation gets sick from the GMOs and related chemicals.

Our parliament should conduct studies and not rely on anecdotes from people like Tafadzwa who want to justify importing cheaper GMOs (biological weapons that cost R1000 per ton less than nonGMO ) to feed our people so that they can make huge profits, yet this could be responsible for the ever escalating cancer bill that is then stuck on the citizen of Zimbabwe.

And be rest assured, South Africa also sells non-GMO maize but the reason the Musararas don’t buy it is because it is 19.2% more expensive, so it eats into their profits.

People like Masarara make money from selling GMOs, so they have a conflict of interest when commenting on whether their profit making GMO biological weapons are harming our people’s health. They would rather risk feeding the nation carcinogens for their profit, and in my books this is treason and aiding foreign powers to attack our nation. #SaveOurLives #InnscorVsRutendo #DavidVsGoliath

By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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