The Zimbabwean government has achieved a remarkable victoryβ€”a feat unprecedented in the annals of international relationsβ€”by successfully reversing the declaration of war by the U.S. government under the national emergency, which in turn ended the β€œwar” and β€œdefense” executive order sanctions or economic warfare upon Zimbabwe.

These sanctions have been rescinded as a significant gesture of goodwill by the superpower, the United States. It behooves our government to reciprocate this gesture in good faith and address any remaining concerns, such as ZDERA and the recently imposed Magnitsky sanctions, through diplomatic channels, negotiations, and, if need be, legal action.

However, now is not the time for our government to adopt a confrontational stance or engage in brinksmanship tactics that could potentially sour the newfound goodwill, as the U.S. is not beyond reinstituting another national emergency and retaliating aggressively.

Instead, it is an opportune moment for rapprochement and diplomacy, and for the likes of our Minister Shava and diplomats like Ambassador Hamadziripi, to step in and conduct discreet negotiations to iron-out any outstanding issues.

The era of combativeness has passed; the war is won, the enemy has retreated, and it is now the time for diplomacy.

It’s unfortunate that our government chose reengagement over the past five years when it was supposed to be fighting, while we civil society organizations were in the trenches fighting Goliath, and now when the war is won, they want to fight.

Nevertheless, after winning a very good victory as a nation, the current landscape now demands a shift towards diplomatic dialogue.

Pulling swords against a still powerful U.S. government that has demonstrated considerable compromise and magnanimity, at the risk of its global stature, would be unwise. It is incumbent upon our leaders to be circumspect, embrace peace and pursue negotiations and maybe legal action instead of megaphone diplomacy, now.

Written By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of Zimbabwe Anti Sanctions Movement

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