The #GrainMillersAssociation of Zimbabwe, put in an application for a defamation order with the High Court in Zimbabwe on the 12th of January, 2024. However, their lawyers never sent us the notification, so we hear of the application in the media.

Yesterday, after our lawyers heard through the media of the court application, they called GMAZ lawyers and asked them for the application notice and court date. Their lawyers sent the application that afternoon and said they would inform our lawyers about the court date.

Today, at 8:57, the lawyers of GMAZ sent me a notice (that they got yesterday) informing me that court is at 10:00 this morning, knowing well that i was in South Africa after attending the Innscor case yesterday.

Besides sending it to me, they deliberately didn’t send the same notice to my lawyers today or yesterday when they got it, despite my lawyers asking for such notification yesterday.

Why would GMAZ use such unethical tactics to stop us from responding to their application or being present in court if they know that their application is bonafide?

Written by Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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