I have been one of the biggest promoters of the ANC, asking people to vote for the party to give it a majority that consolidates the black vote to stop whites from gaining power.

My belief was that once that black majority was secured, this would give the left within the ANC, a fighting chance to win the soul of party to deliver on the ANC’s left-leaning resolutions voted for at NASREC.

Clearly, the strategy failed because black people failed to unite their vote behind the ANC or any other black party for that matter, to constitute a black majority and now the ANC has been forced to form a coalition with the oppressor.

I know that the ANC’s decision is inexcusable, and I have expressed my frustration at it, but the reason they did it, is because it is what most South Africans would have wanted them to do, even though they might not realize that this is what they wanted? Why do I say this?

Just before the SA elections, the US Congress tabled a bill called β€œU.S.-South Africa Bilateral Relations Review Act”, to review its relationship with the South Africa government.

If the bill passes, it requires the U.S. Presidency and other arms of government, to determine within 90 days if South Africa is a threat to US economic, national security and foreign policy interests, due to its stance on Palestine, its relationship with Iran, actions against Israel at the ICJ, BRICS and alleged arms shipments on the Russian Lady R.

I have no doubt that just before the polls, the ANC was warned by the U.S. embassy that if they align with left-leaning parties like the MK, the US Congress would pass the bill into law, and within 90 days, President Biden would declare South Africa a threat to US interests.

They would also have been informed that this National Emergency declaration would automatically trigger the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

Consequently, this Act would immediately block payments, payment clearances, loans, technology transfers, and material assistance to the ANC government, its parastatals, ministries, companies, local governments and its leaders. It would also freeze this government’s assets in Western banks and require anyone doing business with the country to obtain a license from the US Secretary of State.

This is why the ANC was forced into a coalition with the DA. And the truth is, if all South Africans were aware of these facts, they would also have no choice but to support the DANC alliance, precisely because South Africans do not want to become the Zimbabwe they have denigrated for years.

South Africans are not prepared to endure sanctions, because the day sanctions are imposed and the West withholds its GMO seeds, farming machinery, machines, parts for parts, tools and export payments, there will be mass migration, a collapse of the banking system, job losses, empty shelves, the end of grants, leading to instant starvation and civil unrest.

I do not believe many South Africans have the resilience to survive such. So, as much as many South Africans say the ANC sold out, the reality is that the ANC made the best decision that the majority of South Africans needed them to make, even if they are unaware of it. The ANC knows that South Africans may talk revolution, but they are too soft and not ready for revolution.

However, if the DANC fails, as it seems it will, then the new left-leaning government that emerges from that failure, will trigger the sanctions that have been avoided for now. And for a people who have never had the courage to fight for their freedom, sanctions will drive away white people and give black South Africans independence and control over their land and resources, because one thing white people cannot endure is suffering.

For those who remember, the Boers were subjected to financial sanctions in 1986, and by the end of that year, they were negotiating to transfer power to blacks.

Sanctions will free South Africa.

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