South Africa’s genetic engineering program was started by the apartheid government in 1979 with the creation of #SAGENE.

What is concerning is #SAGENE was created as part of the National Defense Council’s strategy to weaponize food after the apartheid government declared Total War on black South Africa and SADC.

The Total War strategy was adopted by the apartheid government from the French military strategist, Andre Beaufre, who advocated for the weaponization of the people (army of civilians), machines (military equipment), finance, trade, transport, medicine, chemicals, water and food to wage war on enemies, hence the term Total War.

In this #TotalWar against black Africans, the Boers employed all the strategies outlined by Beaufre, including the weaponization of food, and that strategy was innocently adopted by the democratic government through the GMO Act. This means the biological and chemical warfare by food upon black Africans is still at play.

Does the democratic South African government and its neigbhors understand this problem?

Written by Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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