With the information I have exposed about Innscor activities that threaten public interest, it’s time our government and the people of Zimbabwe clipped this monopoly’s wings by:

  1. Government and regulatory bodies undertaking independent and random lab tests of Innscor’s food/feed and conducting site visits to their factories and farms to check if their food is safe for human consumption and if they are not illegally growing GMOs with terminator genes in the country.
  2. Penalizing them for not labeling their food that contains GMOs, terminator genes and Glyphosate, as mandated by law.
  3. Investigating whether Innscor has any treasonous relationships with foreign agencies and governments.
  4. Getting the SIU and business intelligence advisors like Michael Oatley to investigate Zinona Koudounaris and Mike Fowler for the claims of money laundering and illicit movement of money from Africa as alleged by the Panama Papers.
  5. The SIU and Michael must ascertain how Innscor has been able to fund capital intensive operations in 10 other countries alongside endless companies like MAC AERO, Eat Greek and others, yet Zimbabwe has had very strict foreign exchange controls.
  6. The Reserve Bank, with the help of Oatley, must audit the amount of gold Innscor has taken out of the country and establish whether it was done legally and correctly.
  7. Mandate Oatley to also find and retrieve the monies laundered illegally out of Zimbabwe and the other nine countries Innscor operates and pay him a percentage of funds that he retrieves.
  8. Particular attention must be paid to Mauritius and other tax havens where the beneficiaries of Innscor have registered many off-shore companies.
  9. Charge Innscor Chairman, directors, and owners/beneficiaries for any statutory infringements of Zimbabwean laws, non-disclosures of crimes and international financial crimes laws.
  10. Charge any government officials that have had improper and corrupt relationships with Innscor over the years.
  11. Our parliament must convene a commission to investigate Innscor and if they are found wanting, the legislature must designate Innscor and its directors as PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) and then inform the UN, USA Securities Control and other jurisdictions on the continent of their designation and ask for investigations into their participation in illicit flows from the continent.
  12. Our parliament must begin to create anti-trust laws to break up inimical monopolies that threaten public interest. This law can be designated the Innscor Act or Zed Act.
  13. The courts should finalize the order by the Competition and Tariffs Commission to reverse Innscor’s anti-competitive purchase of #Profeeds and ensure Innscor pays its $40 million fine.
  14. People who are exposed to Innscor’s food and are suffering from cancer and other illnesses associated with Highly Hazardous Chemicals like glyphosate and GMOs, must join us to work on a class action against them.

By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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