In 2001, a San Diego company by the name of #EpicytePharmaceuticalInc discovered a rare group of antibodies that attack sperm.

They then isolated the gene that produces these antibodies and spliced it into maize/corn genetics to produce a GMO maize variety that can induce women’s antibodies to attack sperm after they eat this corn.

Epicyte was then bought by Monsanto (now Bayer Monsanto) and Dell Corporation. Then in 2010, Bill Gates, who believes in reducing the global population through family planning, bought $23 million in shares in Monsanto with the intention of fast-tracking the proliferation of GMOs into Africa through the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa or #AGRA.

Since buying shares in the Biotech giant, Bill Gates has granted #AGRA over $264 million to get GMOs, patented seeds and chemicals into Africa, resulting in increased food insecurity in Africa.

It’s noteworthy that Gates’s father and mother were also directors of #PlannedParenthood, which facilitates abortions and birth control globally. This is an organization that evolved from the eugenicist American Birth Control League that was led by Margaret Sanger, who believed in eliminating less desirable people from American society through coerced birth control.

It comes as no surprise then that over the years eugenics organizations funded by eugenicists like the Carnegies, Rockefellers, Fords and Gates, evolved into the more acceptable Planned Parenthood and various other western organizations have been carrying out population control through maintaining oppression and poverty among dark-skinned people, spreading diseases, forced sterilizations on the feeble-minded and the aggressive promotion of birth control measures among less desirable races.

But, whatever happened to Epicyte’s spermicidal GMO maize? Well, since the company was acquired by Monsanto and Dell, it is alleged that just like the Terminator GMO, the Epicyte spermicidal maize has not been licensed for commercialization by the U.S. government. However, from the tests we carried out on Innscor Africa’s food in Zimbabwe, the lab identified the transgenic terminator gene in their foods which contain many strains of GMOs whose genetic mapping we are yet to do to identify whether they are weaponized.

So how do we know that the Monsanto-owned Epicyte spermicide transgenics are not being used in our food for birth control purposes, if our governments are allowing food companies like Innscor to place uncountable strains of GMOs in our animal feed and food without testing them to see if they have not been weaponized to target our reproduction or RNA by ethnicity?

Already, in Innscor’s food, we have discovered the T-NOS transgenic terminator genes, which make GMO seeds sterile and prevents them from reproducing. These transgenic traits pose a risk to the national seed stock when such GMOs with these characteristic are imported as grain and are grown deliberately or accidentally in the country. The pollen from these plants can drift and cross-pollinate with the reproductive national seed stock, sterilizing them with the transgenic terminator and compromising our ability to produce food in future.

This renders these GMO grains and seeds as injurious organisms or biological weapons, capable of undermining the nation’s food reproduction capabilities, thereby necessitating dependency on purchasing seeds and paying licensing fees to foreign biotech companies that produce and weaponize these GMOs. Consequently, these plants should be regulated under the Plant Pests and Diseases Act in conjunction with the National Biotechnology Authority Act.

Many of our governments’ senior officials and regulators have abrogated their duty to monitor and police food imports because allegedly they receive kickbacks from big monopolies not to monitor. They perceive these companies as their allies, not realizing that by permitting transgenic food imports, these companies could be feeding biological weapons to our people unwittingly or wittingly, on behalf of the same nations that imposed illegal sanctions on us. However, without testing the food being imported into our countries, African governments have no way of knowing.

In a world where food began to be weaponized by Henry Kissinger and the U.S. government through the strategy called NSSM 200, to control the world and reduce dark populations -a strategy that now sees GMO maize eating nations being the most plagued by HIV in the world- this is not just a Zimbabwean issue but a continental challenge. #Innscor is supplying feed, foods and fast food, not only to Zimbabwe but to over 10 African countries that include Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, DRC, Mauritius, Ghana, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and the question is, do they have the same GMOs, glyphosate and chemicals we found in their Zim food?

By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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